Fri 3 May 2019

In the right space

The response is the same on both sides of the counter – WITT’s new looks café is a winner.

The student space has been given a makeover and rebranded Te Kāuta and it was officially opened on Monday. Who better than to seek comment from, then, than three students on a year-long make up artistry course at WITT?

Ayla Baldwin said the change is dramatic. Where the look before was old and the tables and chairs were small, Te Kāuta presents with a fresh look, big tables and high chairs, she said.

“The bigger table can fit the whole class,” Allysha Bell said. “I really like the layout”.

Sam Ramage said he was impressed with the e-student space.  The trio gave the old look café points ranging from 3 to 5 – and rated it a 7 to an 8 now.

They were also impressed by the range of food – which was revamped last year.

Café manager Jesse Rapira said there has been a notable increase in patronage of the café this week and the atmosphere was much better.

WITT student council member Stephanie Nicholson said the makeover had created a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the students and she hoped the space would be used more to connect the student body and bring everyone together.

Other student leaders said they appreciated the investment in student spaces.

The work in the café is part of overall brightening up at WITT, which Chief Executive John Snook discussed in last week’s WITT News.