Wed 23 Aug 2017

I'll have a beer with that

Any beer fancier will testify to the quality of Ron Trigg's Taranaki brews at Mike's.

Mike is constantly refreshing the range he produces at Urenui and you will find it on tap throughout Taranaki and from Northland to Southland.

Yesterday Ron visited WITT to talk to culinary students about pairing different types of beer with food.

Chef Tutor Evan Michelson said the session turned into a beer and food sensory experience in the WITT kitchen.

"It was an absolutely wonderful session with Ron who happened to bring along at least a dozen different brews that were aimed towards matching a variety of dishes that the students prepared,'' he said.

The students, Evan and Ron were pictured with one example - beer battered fish and chips, coriander relish and wedges of lime. The group also prepared a spicy Korean BBQ'd chicken with marinated cucumber, beef stroganoff and a chocolate dessert with three different types of cheeses to match different beers.

"The beer and food matches were mainly experimentally driven, in that the purpose of the lesson was to understand how sensory dimensions, such as smell and aroma should play an important part when it comes to matching beer and food and that it's a matter of trial and error to find suitable flavour balances,'' Evan said.

"By the looks of students' faces this was quite a highlight.''