Mon 10 Jul 2017

Graham Lowe

Graham Lowe makes people think… he also got them talking. Here’s a sample of some of the comments:

Mark Bowden, Principal Spotswood College:  The presentation was great.  It’s a philosophy dear to my heart and it’s about reaching a cohort of kids that actually we have to do better with so finding some alternatives is great and great to hear WITT taking a leadership role in that.

Tony Brownrigg, School Community Officer, New Zealand Police:  It’s a good concept.  There are many different ways to motivate kids and give them the drive they need.  Sport is one way that this can be achieved.  There is a need for this in our community particularly as it covers teamwork and learning. It’s all very positive.

Rosie Mabin, Principal Inglewood High School:  What Graham said and is doing is spot on, it resonates with ways IHS is trying to make a difference for some of our young people. It is so important that our young people have a sense of hope and purpose and the work of the Lowie Foundation is a valid way of doing that.

Stuart Trundle, WITT Councillor: It’s an important conversation.  How WITT operationalises the messages will be key.

New Plymouth Mayor Neil Holdom:  I thought it was fantastic.  It’s nice to hear someone who knows what they are talking about who can communicate really effectively. Too many people use a lot of jargon whereas I think Graham speaks from the heart, speaks clearly and makes sense.

South Taranaki Deputy Mayor Phil Nixon:  I found it really inspirational and there are a lot of simple messages and sometimes we just over complicate things.  I reckon it was really good common sense stuff with a simple approach and there are certainly a lot of things I’m taking away from the presentation.

Sam Moore, Deputy Headmaster, New Plymouth Boys High.  “I found it inspirational.  Graham Lowe has enjoyed great success – but he didn’t have the easiest pathway in school. It’s great to hear him now show such a passion for education. Students from every school would be inspired to hear what he has to say.  Not all are University bound, and for Graham to highlight the pathways and opportunities available is great.