Wed 7 Jan 2015

Graduate has TV in his sights


National Diploma of Journalism (Multi-media) graduate Faleatua Malili has just spent four weeks working at TVNZ.

Now the New Plymouth man is hoping for more shifts in the busy newsroom, where he was an online content producer for sport.

Faleatua landed the summer job after doing two weeks’ work experience at the network in Auckland, which was part of his course at Witt.

He rates his time at TVNZ as the highlight of the busy course, which covers multi-media.

While on work experience, he got to go out on the job with reporters and camera crews and then watched the producers at work, seeing, from start to finish, how stories are put together for the news.

His dream is to land full-time job there “reporting on TV and possibly even producing”, he says. “Even the online editing side of things I found really interesting.”

Faleatua, who has a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and English, had returned from overseas experience when his mind turned to journalism. He called the Taranaki Daily News and they referred him to the course at Witt.

He got a lot from the year-long course. “I gained confidence in talking to people and getting to know their stories,” Faleatua says.

“I didn’t pay attention to the minor details but everybody has an interesting back story.”

His advice to anybody considering the course is simple: “Definitely give it a go. You will be surprised at what you learn – communication skills, people skills, confidence at approaching people and it’s a really good pathway to open your eyes to your surroundings.”

The National Diploma of Journalism (multi-media) starts on February 23 and enrolments are still open.