Wed 7 Aug 2019

Georgina joins WITT to teach English

Recently joining the WITT whānau as an English Language tutor, Georgina Popplewell brings with her a range of experience teaching in both New Zealand and Japan. Georgina is currently teaching the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (NZCEL - Level 3) at WITT and says she’s excited to make an impact.

“I like the fact that I can help people grow in confidence with their English Language abilities and get to where they want to be in their studies or employment,” she says. “I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures, so I’m excited to meet students from many different backgrounds and seeing them reach their goals.

“I’m a complete grammar nerd, so I’m also looking forward to questions from the students that will keep me on my toes!”

Georgina says her background as both a language teacher and language learner means she’s better able to support the students in her NZCEL class.

“Having taught in several locations in both New Zealand and in Japan, I feel that this has allowed me to be a more culturally sensitive person and adapt to new surroundings with ease. I hope that this will be useful when guiding students through language and life in New Plymouth.”

“As I graduated with a BA degree in the Japanese Language, I am able to teach with the perspective of being a language learner and feel comfortable bringing up and discussing tricky language or cultural questions that some students may be too afraid to put their hand up and ask about.”

Seeking a new challenge and working environment is what brought Georgina to WITT.

“I also wanted to grow my current skillset and further my career in English Language teaching while continuing to live in the Taranaki region,” she says. “WITT gives me the best opportunity to do all of these.”

While she’s spending a lot of her time on campus, Georgina says she makes time for the other things that are important to her including health and fitness, and her much-loved dog, Ted.

“Something people don’t expect about me is that I created the ‘New Plymouth Corgi Walking Group’  - we are on Facebook! - with 17 corgis as “members,” she says.

“And when I’m not teaching, I’m at the gym.” 

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