Fri 16 Nov 2018

Food by illusion

WITT students showed their talents at the launch of Puke Ariki’s latest exhibition - Illusion.

The students were challenged to produce something a bit different, and three were present on the night to serve.

“Our brief was for molecular canapés to fit the concept of nothing like it seems and we were approached to provide for maximum 150 covers, the estimated number was over 1000 guests,” tutor Craig Ludlow said.

“There were several comments about how good the dishes were and the quality of what was presented.”

Callum Adamson (Savoury corn and bacon ice-cream), Elvis Colaco (cardamom yoghurt and strawberry/ thyme spheres, Acquino Dsiliva (Beef liver pate cherries) and  Damith Wijekoon (who prepared Transparent pasta with Greek salad) produced a series of unusual combination to challenge the guest.

Craig said it was good timing for his Diploma Level 5 class as students had just completed their Degustation component, which involved most of the elements required for the Puke Ariki assignment.

“The corn ice-cream was a concept I discovered and wanted to develop with the students,” he explained.

 He said the students enjoyed a good presence on social media and the community engagement.

Puke Ariki’s promotional material explains that Illusion is a perception-shattering insight into the human mind, playfully combining the techniques used by magicians and explored by psychologists.

“With a variety of exhibits designed to blow the mind and a host of installations that deceive the eyes of the visitor, Illusion shows that what we perceive is often radically different from the reality of what our eyes observe.”

Illusion, which is an Irish installation,  is exclusive in New Zealand to Puke Ariki and will run through to March 5 2019.


Pictured: Acquino DSilva preparing food for the huge crowds.