Mon 16 Nov 2020

Fantastic feedback for BN students

26 Bachelor of Nursing students have just completed their first year of study, finishing the year on a high by putting their learning into practice in rest homes across Taranaki.

WITT Lead Nursing and Mental Health Helen Lelean said that some students had left such a good impression that they'd been offered part-time employment as healthcare assistants.

“The feedback we got from rest homes has been amazing,” she said. “Some students have been offered jobs as a result of how well they have done.”

Students went out into the community for clinical placement for up to 120 hours over three and a half weeks starting in October. First year nursing students are supported by a WITT nursing staff member while they’re out in the community.

Helen said it was nice to end the year on such a positive note, with students planning and running fun activities for rest home residents, such as pop-up shops, exercises, dancing and rock painting.

“The students had a rocky start to their first year of study due to lockdown,” Helen said. “Then their placement dates were postponed at the eleventh hour due to the change in Covid Alert Levels in August.

“But they finally made it out on placement and they have all passed their clinical competencies and portfolio activities. They can be proud of everything they’ve achieved this year.”