Tue 10 Apr 2018

Dusty Kiwi's top 10

Ask a Wanaka skydiving instructor for a list of 10 thing he would treat an overseas visitor to, and it is hardly surprising to learn they all involve socialising and outdoor experiences.

Dylan O’Neill, once of Stratford High School, was back in Taranaki recently and tutor Emma Collins collared her friend to talk to her WITT students in Hawera.

Dylan selected experiences like exploring the Mt Cook region and skydiving over Wanaka, with some road trip beers and fish and chips thrown in.

The experienced cameraman has been in the news recently because he is part of a team, which includes two other former Stratford High students, Ralph Gallyer and Woody Bradley,  who are  planning to compete in this year’s  Mongol Rally as The Dusty Kiwis dressed as Wal from Footrot Flats.

The rally, Prague to Ulan-Ude, Siberian Russia, requires teams to compete in budget car, no bigger than 1000cc, and they must raise at least a £1000    sterling for a charity before starting. The Dusty Kiwis have nominated Mental Health NZ and Cool Earth.org.

The intercontinental rally, first contested in 2004, is described as an aspirational travel adventure. Teams select their own route and the event will start in mid-July.

Wikipedia notes that depending on the route taken, the distance driven varies between 13,000 and 16,000 km and most teams complete the journey inside four weeks. It continues:  “none of the available routes is comfortable or safe: damage to cars, robberies and minor injuries are common”.

Dylan and his team is in the midst of fundraising for their journey and have a give a little page set up at www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/the-dusty-kiwis-charity-pot.

“He is a great example of how small town people can achieve big things, with good planning and goal setting,” Emma Collins said.

She explained the exercise to select 10 things to show an overseas visitor was one her WITT foundational class has tackled as part of their first assignment.

How Dylan listed his, top 10 Kiwi experiences:

1.        Spending the afternoon at a West Coast beach and watching the sunset

2.        Going hiking in the mountains

3.        Road trips with beersies along the way

4.        Exploring the Mount Cook region, flying over the top in a ski plane if you get the chance

5.        Overloading a hydro slide with your mates

6.        Fish and chips and skimming rocks over Lake Hawea

7.        Swimming in a river, rope swings and kayaks

8.        Kayaking around Milford Sound, and getting to meet the seals along the way

9.        Beer Pong (I’ll leave it at that)

10.      Skydiving (over Wanaka).

The Dusty Kiwis Ralph Gallyer, Dylan O'Neill, Woody Bradley and Megan Taylor will drive from London to Prague before the start of the rally. You can read more about them on this site: https://thedustykiwis2018.wixsite.com/home