Fri 11 May 2018

Devon Linen Heads to WITT

New Plymouth’s Devon Hotel is helping international students at WITT get a good night’s sleep.

The hotel has donated sheets, duvets and pillowcases to the polytech to distribute to students, and among the beneficiaries have been members of the significant Nepalese contingent enrolled this year at WITT.

International student Liaison office Robyn Harvey, who has a long-standing relationship with The Devon, said she knew the hotel frequently brought in new linen, replacing sheets and duvets that still had a lot of life left in them.

“We have a lot of students who would welcome help, and are feeling the onset of the colder months, so and I wondered if there was a chance to put them together.”

Robyn contacted The Devon – and the result was a donation of bedding which duly “flew out the door”.

It’s not the first time the Devon has assisted WITT – the hotel has previously donated furniture for students.

Co-owner Peter Tennent, a strong supporter of WITT, said the hotel was delighted to be able to help.