Fri 11 May 2018

Daniel's on board

Daniel Fleming has been appointed a full member of the WITT council.

He replaces Elanga Ekanayake, who has completed his term, as one of 26 changes announced this week by Education Minister Chris Hipkins.

Another of the changes sees the retirement from UCOL of Malcolm Inglis, who served on the WITT Council until May 2016.

 “I welcome the important skills and experience these appointees will bring to the leadership of their institutions,” Chris Hipkins said of the new appointments around the country.

“Those appointed to the institutes of technology and polytechnic (ITP) councils come at a critical time for the sector.

“They will contribute valuable insights to the Tertiary Education Commission-led engagement with the polytechnic sector and wider community on the sector changes needed to make it more sustainable and effective in delivering for our regions.”

Daniel Fleming joined the WITT council in an advisory capacity in June last year. He is the General Manager and co-owner at King and Queen Hotel Suites in New Plymouth.

“I am thrilled to be officially appointed to the council and work with a team which will help take the institute from strength to strength,” he said.

“WITT has an exciting future and sector changes offer the opportunity to do something great, and get the Taranaki community on board with that.”

WITT council chair Robin Brockie paid tribute to Elanga Ekanayake.

“Elanga’s well-deserved retirement from council opens another opportunity in welcoming Daniel as his successor. It has been a pleasure to have been able to work with both over the last year and reassuring to know that the legacy of Elanga’s experience, intellect and advocacy for WITT will remain in safe hands with Daniel’s appointment by the Minister.”