Wed 27 Sep 2017

Casey's capital success

Casey Miller knows very well that, despite the saying, beauty can be skin deep.

The WITT student, named runner up in the student section of the Beauty New Zealand Association Awards at Te Papa in Wellington last weekend, has a vision of being a leader in dermal technology in Taranaki.

That involves understanding what chemicals work best on what skin, but more importantly, understanding how lifestyle can alter the tightness and health of skin.

Experts say aside from skin treatments, your skin reflects the food and drink you consume, your environment and your state of mind.

Casey studied a section of that with her entry into the national awards. Her assignment compared the impacts of three different types of exfoliation on combination-oily skin - facial skin which is oily in some areas and not others.

Her findings leaned significantly to the benefits of a 25% glycolic acid chemical peel.

They impressed the judges significantly to make her one of three finalists for last weekend’s awards, and to give her the runner up award behind a Rotorua based student who had graduated last year.

It was Auckland born Casey’s first trip to the capital, and a successful one for she and her husband while their children, 5 and 3, were looked after.

“I get to keep the trophy, which is nice, because in the past I have won trophies for hairdressing but they have had to be given back,’’ she said.

“I was very pleased to finish second, the student who won graduated last year after completing a diploma course, so I can see she had more experience.”

Casey is in her second year of a Beauty Therapy Certificate course at WITT, and loving it.

It’s her second spell at the polytech. She left Spotswood College to study hairdressing at WITT and spent six years in the industry before moving to Perth.

“We came back to Taranaki and I resumed hairdressing, but I think you really have to have a passion to do the best for your customers, and for me, I was becoming more interested in learning about skin care,’’ she said.

“I had always been interested in beauty therapy, learning how to wax, and about facials and skin care.

Casey, who lives at Tarurutangi, between Bell Block and Inglewood, enrolled back at WITT and is now nearing the end of her second year.

She is already working casual hours at New Plymouth’s Urban Beauty Spa.

She wants to extend her knowledge after earning a CIDESCO diploma with a post-graduate course in dermal nutrition and understand the impacts of hormonal imbalances, using tools such as chemical peels, dermal needling and LED lights therapy.

“I have had terrible skin, so I know how people feel,” she added.

Casey has a business plan she wants to put in place to provide a service which differs from what is already available in New Plymouth and she’s confident the help she’s getting from her IWTT tutors has her on the right track.