Wed 6 Jun 2018

Carol steps up

Carol Curtin, newly promoted to the role of Faculty Leader at WITT, says of her new role: “it’s a bit like being bilingual –   speaking two different languages of an organisation at the coal face and strategic level”.

“I am excited about the journey ahead,” she says. “A real advantage of being in this position is being connected to both the operational and strategic levels of management through the programme managers and executive team.’’

She sees her new role as ensuring what WITT delivers in its programmes fits the frameworks and meets the criteria of governing bodies -  while at the same time anticipating the ‘next big’ thing.

Carol steps into the role left vacant when Nita Hutchinson was promoted to the position of Academic Director following Rod Bentham’s decision to return to work in Wellington.

She has enjoyed two spells at WITT, the first from 2003-2007 as a Group Leader, then from 2013 when she returned to teach the Bachelor of Applied Management course. Her most recent role was Programme Manager of Business, Computing and Design.

In between was a spell teaching at New Plymouth Girls’ High.   

“I always seemed to be straddling the fence between these two educational sectors, so not surprisingly, the trend continued here.”

Carol says her personal mantra is to make the education journey accessible and achievable.

“I have witnessed the personal growth and transformation that comes from accessible and successful education. I believe the key to achieving this lies in teaching with passion and purpose.”

Carol, who grew up in Melbourne, came to New Zealand from Australia in 2003 with her Taranaki born husband Brian in 2003.

“I was familiar with New Plymouth as we had our daughter at boarding school in Whanganui. We were highly motivated to make the move to New Zealand and we wanted our three boys to undertake their secondary schooling here.  My husband’s motivation was also fuelled by the desire to ensure that should any of the boys get to national level in representation of their chosen sport, then they would clearly be playing on the right side.”

It did happen - son Max went on to represent New Zealand basketball as captain of the Junior Tall Blacks and again in basketball at the Youth Olympics.

Carol completed a Master’s in Education in 2000 and followed up with a Master’s in Business (Economic Analysis) in 2011.

When not at WITT she is often found making beds and washing bed linen.

“Brian and I run a small bed and breakfast facility which affords us an opportunity to meet some amazing people. There is much delight in being part of providing hospitality that exceeds peoples’ expectations, and of course, at times some real challenges especially as we attempt to achieve a multi-cultural environment with visitors coming to Taranaki from all around the globe.”

A big moment for Carol was presenting at the 2016 AirBnB conference in Los Angeles where she was part of a team presentation on building cross-cultural connections.

WITT Chief Executive Barbara George said Carol had made a significant contribution to WITT’s business course offerings and she was a perfect choice to join the faculty leadership team.

“It is also the third senior appointment made in recent weeks which has seen an existing staff member promoted, and as I have said before, that speaks volumes for the quality of staff we have here.”