Wed 5 Feb 2020

Building capacity across the board

WITT will this year offer training in Māori Governance either part-time or full-time, combined with a business qualification at either degree or diploma level. Students can now enrol to study the New Zealand Certificate in Māori Governance (Level 4) conjointly with the New Zealand Diploma in Business or Bachelor of Applied Management.

Linda Weterman, Director of WITT’s School of Māori Enterprise, Business & Technology, said graduates can attain two qualifications in just a year and a half.

“Those undertaking the Diploma in Business will complete their two qualifications in 18 months as a full-time student. They’ll also have the option to pathway into the Bachelor of Applied Management, majoring in an area that can align really well with Māori Governance, like project management, human resources or accounting.”

Both programmes are available for students to study as independent qualifications, with the New Zealand Certificate in Māori Governance becoming a one-year part-time study option available at both New Plymouth and Hāwera campuses.

Linda said the content of the Māori Governance programme is relevant to a number of key groups in Taranaki.

“On one hand, we are answering a call from iwi to develop more skilled people in Māori governance for the benefit of our community organisations, iwi and trusts,” she said.

“But it’s not just for people involved with iwi boards. A person on any board that operates in Aotearoa New Zealand will benefit from building their capacity in kaupapa Māori and the unique learnings that they’ll gain with this qualification.”

Course Coordinator Nganeko Eriwata, of Puketapu hapu and Te Atiawa iwi, said the Māori Governance offering is about building confidence.

“It’s about enhancing their leadership skills, with the valuable support and input of two of Taranaki’s eight iwi,” she said.

“I’m really excited for the students as they will be walking away with more than just a qualification. They’ll have more opportunities in Te Ao Māori and more strength in their cultural ability, whether they’re Māori or non-Māori.

“Succession planning is important in our community, and because this is open to people of all ages, it’s a great opportunity for young people get leadership tools early – before they actually hold a position on a board or committee.”

To find out more, head to our website or email Alternatively, catch up with Course Coordinator Nganeko Eriwata,


Pictured: Course Coordinator Nganeko Eriwata and Director, School - Māori Enterprise, Business & Technology, Linda Weterman.