Mon 28 Aug 2017

Budget advice adds up for students

Working out a budget can be a quick-fix for people struggling to make ends meet, budget adviser Jodie Berry says.

Jodie started work at WITT at the beginning of the month and offers students advice from 10.30am to 2.30pm every Wednesday.

She has been impressed by the students who have asked for advice to date – they have come to her with budgets in hand, and looking for some extra advice.

 “Most students are on a very limited income. My advice is to ensure they have a plan to cover their expenses.

She says the students she most wants to see are the ones who have not come to her yet.

“People should not feel embarrassed about asking for advice. If we can sort out a budget now for someone who might not be balancing the books at the end of the week, then that’s better than waiting a few more months when they might be a lot worse off.’’

She says in some cases people are paying off items at a level which stretches their finances too thinly, and the advice is to make an adjustment. In other cases it might be that there is a need to consider increasing income by getting part time work.

“Every case is different.’’

Jodie was enrolled on a money management course at Te Wananga o Aotearoa when she became interested in budget advice. She began working in November as a volunteer at the New Plymouth Budget Advisory Service in Leach Street, and was then offered a paid position there.

“A sensible plan is all that is needed most of the time – it can make a huge difference,’’ she said.

Jodie is based in the Kopa Manaaki in F Block. She can be reached through Budget Advice, 06 758 5996, 021 0868 9014 and