Fri 9 Nov 2018

A day for chefs

WITT chef tutor Alexander Dickie organised a successful day at New Plymouth’s Welbourn School to celebrate a belated International Day of the Chef (IDOC) this week.

Nearly 80 excited 5, 6 and 7-year-olds took part in activities which included tasting the healthy food and nutritional education. 

Alex, who is also the Taranaki branch president of the NZ Chefs Association, said the hit of the day was a strawberry, honey and ham gluten-free crepe (the children made their own choices) as well as putting vegetables in smoothies.

This is an annual event observed worldwide in conjunction with World Chefs, New Zealand Chefs Association and Nestle Professional.

Alex acknowledged the support of sponsors who backed the event with food, manpower and equipment - Bidfood Taranaki, Marcels, WITT Bakery Students and Staff, Taranaki Branch Members, Deli Star Catering and South Hospitality.

“It was wonderful to see the children trying foods they had never eaten before and loving it,”   Angela Ferguson, New Zealand Chefs Associations National Vice President and WITT Faculty Leader said.

“WITT is always so pleased to be able to work with associations like NZ Chefs to promote healthy eating and educate our young ones, and maybe some recruiting of future Chefs. I imagine the conversations around the dinner tables that night were all around healthy eating.”


Pictured: One of Chef Alex’s students at Welbourn on the day was his daughter Juna.