The Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki, Te Kura Matatini o Taranaki, or “WITT” as we call ourselves, is the largest tertiary provider of education outcomes in Taranaki.  As a regional provider, we offer a unique service to our customers who include students, employers and industry.

The context for tertiary education has changed dramatically over the last few years, leading WITT to assess, reassess and also change direction to ensure that its purpose and its vision remain appropriate for its size and context – with some room also to dream of a better world.  WITT staff aspire to provide the highest quality tertiary education outcomes and valued outcomes for our students, to meet the skills shortages of the region, and ensure that the Taranaki region remains “home”.

At the June 2017 WITT Council meeting, Council approved a revised strategic plan (The WITT Strategy 2017 – 2020) which stated that the purpose of the institute was to ensure excellent tertiary education outcomes and valued outcomes for students, employers and Taranaki.  Added to this is the vision that ensures success for every student.

WITT has worked hard to overcome challenges of recent years. The new strategy heralds a strong vision, a focused direction, and a renewed sense of who we are and why we are here.  Unlike polytechnics of old, we cannot be all things to all people.  We are not funded to provide services that do not lead to excellent outcomes, and like any business, we must cut our cloth according to achieving the greatest results from the resources we have. This does not mean that our learners will miss out. WITT aspires to delivering exceptional outcomes for all learners across the Taranaki region, not only by our own provision, but also by working collegially and cooperatively with other providers.  In doing this, we expect that lives will be transformed, and this richly resourced region will continue to thrive and grow. 

WITT cannot make this social investment alone, but can take a long term and inclusive view of the steps it can take to make a positive impact.  There is no limit to what the region can achieve in terms of its educational outcomes. WITT has well-qualified and dedicated staff who are committed to positive outcomes for students and employers.  WITT qualifications are well regarded both regionally and nationally.