ENGINEERING is a major industry in Taranaki, employing a significant proportion of the Taranaki workforce. Projections out to 2026 indicate strong growth in the engineering industry. As engineering, manufacturing and construction companies expand they will require people with the right qualifications, particularly at trade and technician levels. So if you are looking for a career with a bright future, engineering could be the choice for you.


The automotive industry involves the servicing of motor vehicles, from motorcycles to bulldozers, and small machines such as lawnmowers. WITT offers pre apprenticeship automotive training to help you get into your apprenticeship sooner.


A Carpenter is a skilled craftsperson who performs a wide range of woodworking that includes constructing buildings, furniture, and other objects out of wood. WITT offers pre-apprenticeship carpentry training to help you get into your building apprenticeship sooner.


Civil Engineering focuses on the design and construction of public and private works, such as bridges and roads.



Electricians specialise in electrical wiring of buildings and related equipment. WITT offers pre-apprenticeship training to help you get into your apprenticeship sooner and a Diploma for those looking to be an Electrical Engineer.


The Mechanical Engineering industry is made up of a range of occupations that involve the design, production and service of machinery, equipment, tools and mechanical systems. WITT offers pre-trades training in Mechanical Engineering to help you get into your apprenticeship sooner and a Diploma for those looking to move into design and draughting.  


The oil and gas sector in Taranaki is significant from both a regional and national perspective. Projections are that its share of employment and GDP will double over the next 20 years. WITT plans to offer a pre-employment Process Operator training programme to provide skilled new entrants to this industry.