Short Courses

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  • Level 5
  • Most are 17 weeks. See details below
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Qualification overview

Introduction to Finance (Level 6)

This course is designed to enable participants to apply financial management knowledge and skills to a small or medium size business for decision-making purposes. Assuming no prior knowledge of accounting, it aims to give newbies to finance confidence in dealing with all aspects of basic business finance. The course introduces participants to financial concepts and accounting terms and shows them how to apply these in their daily work to make better business decisions. Becoming familiar with accounting terms, processes and practices will enable participants to interact with accountants confidently. The course presentation is dynamic, using traditional presentations, group discussions and an integrated case study.  

Course Content:

  • The Environment of Business Finance
  • Financial Planning and Control
  • Working Capital Management
  • Investment Decisions
  • Capital Structure
  • Sources of Finance
  • Integrated Case Study

Starts: 16th October
Cost : Half price now only $361
Location: New Plymouth


Operations Management (Level 6)

The aim of this course is to give students an understanding of the concepts and analytical methods that contribute to the systematic direction and control of the processes that transform inputs into completed goods and services. Operations management focuses on the management of people and resources through systematic management and feedback. Students will gain introductory knowledge and experience of an operation’s contribution to the macro-management environment. Specific topics covered include:

·         Different types of operations and the factors influencing the system’s choice including the external environment
·         Role and importance of operations management and relationship to organisational functions
·         Quality and its significance to operations management
·         Performance measurement and management control
·         Project management relationship to product design and process selection for producing goods and services
·         Production planning
·         Principles of supply chain management

Starts: 16th October
Cost : Half price now $361
Location: New Plymouth


Project Management

The aim of this course it to enable students to learn the basic principles and terminology of the profession of project management, and apply this to create project plans. Students will also be given a brief introduction to using project management software tools such as MS Project. On successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

·         Distinguish project management and general management.
·         Understand the knowledge areas of the profession of project management.
·         Use MS Project software to develop a project plan which incorporates a Gantt chart, scheduled activities and assigned resources, including people, equipment and their relevant costs.
·         Optimise a project for cost, time and resource workload.
·         Monitor a project utilising control techniques and project milestones and reports.

Starts: 16th October
Cost : Half price now $361
Location: New Plymouth


Leadership (Level 6)

·         Learn about different leadership styles and approaches and how to apply the right approach in a dynamic business environment.
·         Develop an awareness of issues that present leadership challenges for today’s leaders and compare and evaluate contemporary leadership approaches.
·         Analyse your own perspective on successful leadership and evaluate your current leadership skills and abilities with the creation of a personal leadership skills development plan.

Tues 12 - 2pm (workshop times - self directed study also required)
Starts Tuesday 12th September
Cost : Half price now $361
Location: New Plymouth



Become a better communicator - Business Communications (Level 5)

Do you want to:

• Communicate more effectively?
• Develop oral presentation and written skills that are clear, concise, courteous and correct, using currently recognised business formats?
• Learn how to apply the right interpersonal communication skills across a range of situations?
• Gain a Certificate of Proficiency in Business Professional Communication?

Online workshops between class sessions.

Wed 6 - 8pm for 17 weeks
Starts 18 October (updated date)
Location: Hawera


Be computer capable - Business Computing (Level 5)

Learn the software skills required to use Microsoft Office for the development and creation of business documentation.

Develop skills in:

• Word processing
• Spreadsheeting and creating graphs
• Database
• Gain a Certificate of Proficiency in Business Computing and kick start your job opportunities

Online workshops between class sessions.

Thurs 6 - 8 pm for 17 weeks
Starts 19th October (updated date)
Location: Hawera