Accounting is the study of how businesses track their income and assets over time and plan for the future. There's a lot to get out of a career in accounting, especially learning how business works. WITT’s Accounting Technicians’ Diploma will set you up to work in this stimulating and challenging field.


Business & Management

Among the fastest growing employment areas in New Zealand are business and management. This is one of the few careers where there is need if a company is doing well and likewise a need if it is not doing so well. Management incorporates operational and personnel management, business analysis and planning services to commercial, government and voluntary organisations. These services include the day-to-day running and managing of businesses, as well as the hiring and management of staff. Other areas of business include marketing and sales, finance, operations, e-commerce and business law.

Business Administration

People in the administrative services industry are responsible for the day-to-day running of businesses and organisations, and provide support to managers and other staff. Almost every business or organisation has a need for administrative staff. With experience and further qualifications administrators can progress their careers into specialist areas (e.g. legal secretary, office manager or personal assistant to higher manager roles.)


The Computing and Information Technology (ICT) industry includes people working for companies that produce and service ICT products and people who work in ICT-related occupations within other industries. Common areas of work within the industry include  computer engineering (development of systems that involve software hardware, and communications), information systems (computing in an organisational context, typically in businesses) and information technology (focuses on computing infrastructure and the needs of individual users).