Whether you are a school leaver, returning to work, wanting to upskill or change your career, WITT can get you work ready. 

This website will give a broad overview of what WITT can offer, in terms of study options, qualification levels, costs and length of study. WITT specialises in vocational education, so the courses we offer are practically-based and will gear you up for the workforce.

Our range of qualifcations cater for all learning styles and abilities, and after completing a WITT qualification many students continue on to higher level programmes of study, either at WITT or university.

Each qualfication is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. The higher the level of qualification, the more complex and demanding the qualification of study. A qualification does not guarantee you a particular job but it is often one of the key things and employer will look for in an employee. It shows that you possess both knowledge of a specific subject and the ability to learn and think for yourself. Higher qualifications present more career opportunities and a greater chance of getting the job you want.

Take the opportunity to let WITT work for you by enrolling today.