Mon 29 Jun 2015

Polytots is there with the Best

One of the best things about the family-friendly WITT community is Polytots.

The licensed Early Childhood Education and Care Centre on the Bell street campus has long provided a stimulating, safe and caring environment with trained and experienced teachers at affordable rates.

It caters to children aged from two to five years and there is a full educational programme based on Te Whariki early childhood curriculum.

Manager Melissa Crow is rapt after receiving a good report from the Education Review Office (ERO). Every early childhood centre in the country is subject to a regular review by the ERO and earlier this year it was Polytots’ turn.

“That was done in April and  it was very positive,’’ said Melissa.

“We are now a well-placed centre, which  means we will not be reviewed again for three years.’’

 A previous report had signalled that Polytots needed more development but after a couple of year’s hard work by Melissa and the teaching team, the turnaround has been well and truly noted by ERO, resulting in the upgrade in status.

“We also had a few external people coming in to help support us and guide us through the things we needed to achieve, but everyone’s worked really hard and we’re very proud of our achievement.’’

The ERO report noted there had been a huge improvement in the bicultural programme Polytots offered.  “That’s something we’re still working on. It’s still a work in progress but we’ve made a really good leap forward,’’ said Melissa.

ERO singled out the children’s learning assessments and records  as being of a high quality. “That means the children will have an impressive portfolio when they leave. The children use them when they enrol at school.

“It records the learning journey the children have had and that is shared with the new entrants teacher at school so they get a really good understanding of where that child’s at and what’s been happening.’’

Fulfilling parents’ aspirations has been another key focus for Polytots, Melissa said.

“Again that has paid off and was noted by the ERO report. It’s about building that relationship with the parents and the whanau  to find out from them just what it is they want from their children.  

“We needed to design our environment and work towards those learning goals for the children and that’s happened.’’

 The other great improvement by the ERO report was the self review processes.  “That allowed for a deeper reflection on our practices, in  relation to the centre and that  supports continuous improvement.’’

Melissa has three teachers, and an administration person as well as a  couple of relieving staff and she was quick to pay tribute to the hard work put in by everyone.

“I’m very happy with the way things are going,’’ she said. “I’m actually quite excited about it and I’m proud of everyone. Polytots is a really good centre and anyone reading this should be aware that we are open to community enrolments.’’

Melissa pointed out that if the demand was there, Polytots would  open all year round “apart from a few weeks at Christmas.

“The location is great, especially for people coming into work from Egmont Village and Inglewood and Stratford way.’’

 It’s a small intimate atmosphere which the children clearly love, but the outdoor facilities have been developed to a very high level in recent years and for a working mum or dad, Polytots will provide the sort of environment that children from two till they turn five  enjoy and above all, they are well cared for , learn and are safe.

Key points: 

 Opening Hours, Monday to Friday, 7:45am - 5:30pm (including term breaks)  

Prices: For information on fees and subsidies, call (06) 759 4206.

Contact us: Phone: 0800 948 896 or 757 3100 ext 8878 (Melissa Crow)

Address: 5 Cracoft Street, Welbourn, New Plymouth 4310


Remember, spaces fill quickly so please contact Polytots early if you wish to reserve a place for your child. Polytots is licensed to have 31 children.