Mon 18 Feb 2013

A Motivational Lift

Going Up?

It’s a simple question that used to be commonly asked by lift operators in department stories.

The operators have long gone, but it’s fair to say the lifts themselves have come a long way – in more than one sense.

Facilities manager Charlotte Dunning explains. “Both the lifts in A and B Blocks were in 1970s’ original state. They had formica walls and something needed doing. When we spoke to Otis, to get them spruced up, the cost was about $20,000.’’ That was the end of that idea.

Last year the interior of the lifts in A Block were painted with floor to ceiling murals which celebrated WITT’s 40th anniversary.

 Now, the lifts in B Block have had similar treatment with former WITT graduate Julia Berry, from TGM Design. She gave the lifts’ interiors a  whole new look, but this time the murals had a motivational theme. Marketing manager Danny hall explains:  “Julia’s done an excellent job and created some entertainment as well as giving them a much needed facelift.

“She cleverly recreates the path many students take, and from left to right she’s done that, starting from day one and going through to graduation. There are all the milestones along the way and it just adds a bit of fun, and hopefully a bit of motivation for the students.’’