Wed 20 Feb 2013

A Degree & a Job!

Here’s a few questions you might like to ask yourself.

Do you like working with people? Do you want to make a difference in our society in a demanding but satisfying profession? Do you want to study for a degree that has an 80% chance of getting you a job?

If you answered yes to all three, the chances are becoming a social worker could be for you. And best of all, the timing is absolutely perfect.

WITT has a few places left for its three-year degree, the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Social Work) for this year. The course starts on March 4 which means there’s not a lot of time left for you to enrol, so get cracking now!

It’s one of the most consistently popular courses at WITT and for anyone considering a career as a social worker, this three-year degree course is a must – especially as from 2017 to become a registered social worker requires a four-year degree..

“We have about 60 students across the programme every year,’’ says WITT’s Social Sciences Head of Department David Younger.

“It’s the pathway to becoming a social worker and is an accredited qualification, but this is most likely the last year it will be a three-year degree . That’s been the basic qualification requirement for a social worker’s registration, ’’he explains.

Now the Government body overseeing it has changed that requirement to make it a four-year degree.  David says part of the reason behind their thinking is that it brings the qualification into line with other countries and will provide graduates here with better job prospects overseas.

“It makes it a stronger and more standardised qualification.  It means that anyone wanting to register from 2017 will need a four-year degree.

As it stands WITT, along with the Nelson Polytechnic, is delivering the degree in partnership with Wintec (Waikato), which is universally recognised.

 “We started the diploma in 2000 and the degree has been running since 2006. Generally we have had about 80 per cent employment since the programme started, which is really good,’’ David says.

The course is varied too, with two lots of three-month placements with social service agencies during year two and three.  

David says that being a social worker is a passion for many, about making a difference in society and the job satisfaction can be enormous.

There are some places left this year, but with the course starting soon, anyone thinking of enrolling in the course should do it as soon as possible, David says.

“It looks like being the last chance anyone will have of doing it as a three-year degree, and it can be done fulltime or part time,  so just contact us and we can work it out,’’ says David.